Corrupted Dojo Contest

You can post an image link here for the Corrupted Dojo Contest.

Rules for Hiding:

  1. No clipping through anything.
  2. it can be behind things
  3. it can be above or below things
  4. it doesn’t have to be EASILY visible from a player area
  5. it DOES have to be visible while in a warframe
  6. Take a screenshot while in the warframe to make sure it is possible.
  7. Vaiana Ayatan Sculpture

Rules for Finding:

  1. Take a screenshot of the statue and get it to the person that hid it (usually Yuugian)
  2. No Hints
  3. No Begging

Previous Contest

July 8: Critical Delay — Claimed (July 9)

July 12: Magnum Force — Claimed (July 18)

July 19: — Claimed July 31

August 3: Coolant Leak — August 11 2018

August 11:  Hek Riven — Unclamed

October 5: Contest is on hold while the new Dojo is under construction